Why You Should Consider Selling Products on eBay

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If you are a recent online shop owner, you may be spoilt for choice on what sales channels to choose from. This is because there are plenty, and they all have different benefits. Ebay is among many selling channels that warrants a second look. It’s likely that you will find it to be beneficial to your online retail business, especially in this era of multi-channel online selling. What’s more, is you can sell on eBay with Shopify for an even wider reach and better profits. Read more

Long before there were Amazon and Alibaba as well as other now popular online selling platforms such as Etsy and Rakuten, there was eBay. eBay online selling platform was founded back in 1995, and long proved to be an authority website in online auctions as well as a general shopping platform for a variety of goods and services. 

eBay is authentic because it originally started as an auction style sales website. Where online sellers would display and sell used, new and unusual merchandise online. A recent example on the power of eBay’s auctioneering aspect is the sale of a rare Micheal Jordan basketball card in February 2019 that sold for $350,100 to the highest bidder. This auction set an eBay record. 

Among other unique merchandise that has auctioned through eBay include, Shoeless Joe Jackson’s baseball bat and lunch with Warren buffet the investment guru.

Although the auction aspect is still there, eBay has had to evolve with the times by diversifying into the instant “buy it now” type of shopping which has taken hold of the online retailing space. For the older generation owners of online retail business, eBay remains synonymous with online shopping. 

Why choose eBay as a selling channel

eBay has stood the test of time and to date remains a selling platform to reckon with for both consumer to consumer as well as business to consumer sales.

Although there may be numerous new selling platforms today, the need for multi-channel selling is becoming the norm as the online shopping trends continue to evolve, and the online buying traffic continues to skyrocket. 

Now both new and old online stores on Shopify can leverage eBay by selling their wares on this platform through their Shopify online stores. Why would an online Shopify owner want to sell through eBay? The reasons are numerous, but let’s look at the most prominent ones.

1. Massive exposure

Selling on eBay affords a small business looking to maximize revenue a solid opportunity for exposure to a wider market. This is because by simply displaying one’s merchandise on eBay, an online store owner potentially opens up his small business to the 168 million current eBay users. This is a lot of buyers to be just ignored.

A small fraction of that market coming your way would be enough to transform your sales and bottom line for the better. 

What’s more, is the fact that you can access eBay’s client base through Shopify by integrating the two platforms and displaying products on eBay.

Inventory and management of your Shopify store and your eBay channel is a breeze as it is easy to sync the two platforms for easy management. This can be done through your Shopify online store where you can also control pretty much all aspects of the eBay selling channel. This business move is easy to implement, yet it comes with stunning potential. 

2. Extensive Opportunity

Irrespective of whatever merchandise or services your online store offers, eBay has you covered, as most if not all the product on your store are likely to be a commodity that eBay shoppers are also interested in.

Traditionally, people have always come to eBay to look for bargains on products they may have seen on other sites.

Also conventionally, consumers have always flocked to eBay looking for unique products. So no matter which end of the spectrum your online products may fall under, whether wicked bargains or displaying unique products, there is an excellent opportunity that your store and products will resonate with eBay shoppers. 

For as long the owner of a Shopify online store provides stellar service, it is more than likely that they might benefit from a huge chunk of business coming their way as a result of using eBay as a sales channel for their Shopify store.

3. eBay sellers point of view

With 168 million active users, the eBay platform strives to bring is users enjoyable shopping experience. This, in part, means availing a wide range of items as possible to sell.  eBay is making this buying experience even better for its active users by partnering with Shopify online store owners to display and sell their wares on eBay. It’s a win-win for the Shopify online seller who gets exposed to a larger customer base and hence a chance to boost sales and profits.

On the other hand, the eBay consumers get to enjoy access to a load of product on their favorite and trusted platform.

 eBay, as a business entity, also benefits from generating some revenue from your Shopify products selling through the eBay platform. There is something for everyone in this multi-channel selling business model. 


A few years ago, online retailing meant selling exclusively from the platform in which your online store was anchored to. Today the online selling business model has drastically changed to leverage and harness more sales from the ever-growing massive online traffic. 

To do this, online selling platforms have had to devise ways to create online market places that overlap each other while at the same time remaining distinct in their own right. The purpose is to sell as much merchandise as possible to as many people as possible.

 In this case, a Shopify store owner may have access to about 3 million regular customers fond of shopping on Shopify. However, through multi-channel online selling, the same Shopify online store, can have access to a further 168 million by integrating a Shopify online store with eBay. This means that eBay shoppers are exposed to your merchandise as well and will purchase from eBay directly while in fact that have purchased from your Shopify online store.

Now that you see the potential of extending your Shopify online store’s reach with eBay, you should go ahead and integrate your store with eBay for effective multi-channel selling.