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What You Need Before You Create Online Store Free

If you’re looking to create an online store free, there are certain aspects you’ll need to have. Here is a comprehensive view of the things you’ll need:

You need a good product before you create online store free

Before you start building your free online store, you must know exactly what you want to sell. You may say that you want to sell jewelry. That’s not enough. You must know the kind of jewelry you want to sell, the target customers that you want to sell to and the price. Also, determine upfront that you have a steady supply of the jewelry before you indulge in the business of selling it.

Have a detailed business plan before you create online store free

A business plan is critical for any business. Therefore, ensure that you take the time to create a business plan that is well thought out and comprehensive. The business plan should include the product you intend to sell, its source, the amount of inventory you would need, your business costs, and the origin of your profits.

You need a free e-commerce website builder

These days, you don’t need to spend any money to create your online store. E-commerce website builders enable you to create your online store without paying a dime. The awesome part about free e-commerce website builders is that they come with free e-commerce website templates to create stunning websites quickly. Plus, today’s free e-commerce website builders come with almost all the functionalities you would need in a robust online store. So take advantage of the many e-commerce website builders to create your online store.

You need a reliable web host to create online store free

Web hosting is essential when building your online store. A web host will make your online store visible to prospective customers. That’s why it’s advisable that you choose a good web host. However, when looking to build a free online store, you should go for a free e-commerce website builder that offers free hosting. Most free e-commerce website builders provide free hosting when you build your free online store with them.

You need a payment system before you create online store free

You need to have a means of receiving your payments once you sell your products. And since you’re selling online, you’re dealing with different customers who have their preferred payment option. So make sure to include multiple payment options in your online store, such as credit card, PayPal and more.


Creating a free online store is easier than even today. You have to find an excellent free e-commerce website builder, create your online store, integrate the necessary functionality and you’re ready to start selling.

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