Free E-commerce Website Builders

4 Must-Have Features of Free E-commerce Website Builders

Many business owners today build their websites using free website builders because they can save a ton of money. But before you choose any web builder to create online store free, make sure it comes with the following features:

  • Free E-commerce website builder must come with multiple payment options

When creating your e-commerce website, you must have products to sell. And when a customer buys your products, there should be a system to facilitate the payment. That’s where payment system comes in. Numerous payment systems can facilitate online transactions, but the main ones are credit cards and PayPal. So make sure the free e-commerce website builder comes with these two payment options. If you can add more payment options, the better.

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  • The free e-commerce website builder should be search engine friendly

Well, most people think that when you’re using a free e-commerce website builder, then your site won’t be SEO friendly. Things have changed over the years. With a lot of competition these days, many free website builders come already optimized for search engines to enable them to get more subscribers. A search engine web builder will increase the visibility of your e-commerce website, thereby garnering you more sales.

  • A free e-commerce website builder should come with shopping cart software

These days, if your e-commerce website’s checkout processes are slow, many customers will abandon you. So you should look to streamline your check out processes to ensure customers check out as fast as possible. When it comes to streamlining checkout processes, shopping cart software comes in handy. It allows customers to add their products to the cart and know the exact amount of money they are going to pay, plus additional charges like shipping cost and taxes. Besides expediting the checkout process, shopping cart software enhances customer experience on your e-commerce website. And this can turn them from random one time buyers to brand evangelists.

  • Free E-commerce website builder should have a superior search feature

The modern-day shoppers don’t have the time to navigate your e-commerce website to find what they want. If there are no functionalities to help them find what they want quickly, they’ll abandon your e-commerce website. A search feature is vital here because customers will just enter the name of the product and it comes up very quickly.


Ideally, your e-commerce website should make it easy for customers to navigate and find what they want in minutes. While a free e-commerce website builder may not come with all the features that make those possible, making sure that it has the features mentioned above is enough.

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